Onsite Computer Service

Onsite computer service to customers throughout the Greater Boston area. A skilled computer technician will come to your home or business to help solve your computer problems. We can repair your laptops and your desktops onsite at your location. Onsite computer maintenance for when you want extra peace of mind. We provide the following services for our clients during our onsite computer services.

  • Software support: installation, repair, and removal.
  • Detect, remove, and prevent viruses and spyware on your computer
  • Onsite networking service, support, and installation
  • Operating system support for both Linux and Windows
  • Security management including installation and configuration of monitoring and scanning software, and security audits
  • New computer setup including building it from sratch and removing it from a box and everything in between
  • Critical data management including identifying data that is critical to you and presenting you with solutions to safeguard that data
  • Peripherial device support such as scanners, printers, digital cameras, ipods, and other such devices
  • Hardware service, repair, and installation
  • And more!