How to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

We live in an era in which business is driven by words more than ever before. In this light, websites are created as much by copywriters as they are by web designers. When it comes to copywriting, it is an art that many try to master but very few actually manage to do so.

You are here because your website doesn’t get as much traffic as you’d like it to. Needless to say, that means that you’re making a lot less money than you anticipated. Don’t lose sleep over it – there’s a solution – or plenty, better said – to this problem of yours.

Here is how you direct so much traffic to your website that it will surpass all your expectations.

  • Use Keywords In Everything You Write

Let’s suppose that you run a website where different companies showcase their products and you’ve been tasked with writing descriptions for their products. Build those descriptions on on-point keywords.

People seldom search for the full names of the products they want to buy. They search for keywords instead. If you do this, you’ll see that the traffic will grow on a weekly basis.

  • Write Airy Articles 

Web traffic is driven by articles that are easy to read. Bulleted lists are extremely useful in this case. Another piece of advice is to stop using terms that people aren’t familiar with unless you explain them.

Lastly, your articles should have short paragraphs that have a tiny space between them. Readers aren’t very keen on blocks of text. In fact, they’ll hit that “X” button before they even give your article a chance.

  • Make Sure Your Articles Can Be Shared

Social media is a tool that can have some unbelievable effects on one’s website traffic. It goes without saying that a website that people share articles from on a regular basis gets a lot more traffic than a website that’s in the dark ages, i.e. doesn’t have any Share buttons whatsoever. You can’t go wrong with having your articles/blog spots shared left and right on Facebook and other social media platforms. Get a plugin on your website and if your articles are engaging and interesting, people will be sure to let their friends know.

  • Stop Being So Formal

Website content should be reader-friendly, in the sense that readers need to feel as though you were speaking to them directly. All the professional writers from recommend you to use a conversational tone and don’t shy away from using some tasteful humor.

Formality has its role, but it plays no part in getting you more traffic. Write in such a fashion that readers start to see you as one of their own.


A website that doesn’t get traffic will most definitely fail – the most recurrent mistake website owners make is to think that once a website is on air, people will flock on it. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Traffic is something you need to build, by no means something you simply hope for. If you use these brief tips, you’ll be one step closer to getting the traffic you’ve always wanted.



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