How to recover deleted items

If you’ve worked on a computer for any amount of time you’ve likely had that “Oh crap” moment. That’s the moment when you delete something you weren’t supposed to have deleted.

The Good News
The good news is that recovering deleted items is not only doable, but in most cases fairly simple. The following steps will take you through a process that will help you recover the work you thought lost.

Recycle Bin
If you’ve recently deleted the item check to see if it is in the trash. Open your recycle bin and see if the missing item(s) is/are in there. If so right click on the item and click restore. This will put it back into the location it was deleted from. This is a good reason to always double check what you have in your recycle bin before you empty it. It just makes the recovery process much easier.
File Search
Next do a through file search on your computer to be sure that the file wasn’t just moved to another location. Often times when we’re brought in to do a data recovery that turns out to be the case. External Hard Drives and USB flash keys seem to be some of the biggest offenders. Just be sure to check everything
Stop using the computer
If neither of the above brought your file back then it is time to start preparing for recovery. The less you use your computer at this stage the better off you’ll be. When something is deleted from a computer it doesn’t actually remove the item initially. It just makes the disc space the item is taking up available to have new data written on top of it. So the less you use your computer the less likely it is that new data will be written there.
Run Recuva
Recuva (pronounced “recover”) is a small program from the makers of Ccleaner that is designed to recover deleted files. It is lightweight, fast, and best of all effective. In order to use Recuva follow these steps:

  1. Download the program from Recuva to your desktop
  2. Attach a USB flash drive to your computer and wait until it initializes
  3. Run the Recuva executable and when you get to the part that allows you to specify where it will be install change it to your USB flash drive and install it
  4. Start Recuva from the flash drive (look for the Recuva.exe file) and begin searching for your lost and missing files
Advanced recovery options
As good as Recuva is there are some things it just doesn’t have much luck with recovering for one reason or another. If this turns out to be the case contact us (978-335-6074)and we can have one of our technologists assist you with the recovery of your data if you are located in the greater Boston area or Southern New Hampshire.

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